Creating with the Girls

Custom Quilts & Classes

Christy Houser

Creating with the Girls is a dynamic, family-centered quilting company
owned and operated by Christy Houser, a dedicated mother of three and an avid runner.

With over 20 years of quilting experience, Christy has woven her passion
for creativity, family, and fitness into the fabric of her business.


Christy's journey into quilting began in her childhood home in Maine, where she and her sisters spent countless hours sewing and creating their clothes. The birth of her first child marked the creation of her first full-size quilt, a project that ignited a passion for quilting that has only grown stronger over the years.

Over time, Christy's quilting style has evolved from strictly following patterns to using them as a springboard for her unique designs. She has developed a particular fondness for paper piecing, and her quilts have matured alongside her children, transitioning from juvenile themes to modern patterns designed to last a lifetime.

Christy's three daughters play an active role in the business, from selecting fabrics and patterns to photographing finished projects. Her youngest daughter has even followed in her mother's footsteps, learning to sew and creating quilts and fabric projects.

The name Creating with the Girls is a testament to the collaborative and familial spirit that underpins every aspect of the business.


In addition to her love for quilting, Christy is a passionate runner. She started running in high school to stay in shape for basketball and has since participated in numerous 5Ks and annual 10K events. She balances her passions for running and quilting with her busy schedule as a mom by starting her day with a cup of coffee and a quick run before the rest of the family wakes up.

Christy believes her diverse interests have enriched her life and positively influenced her relationships with her daughters. She hopes to inspire her girls to lead exciting and fulfilling lives by demonstrating that pursuing various passions is possible.

Looking ahead, Christy's vision for Creating with the Girls is to share her love of quilts, quilting fabric, and more with everyone she meets. She views quilts as a form of a warm hug and hopes to spread this comforting embrace far and wide.

Christy advises other mothers who wish to share their passions with their children: "DO IT." Even if the children don't share the same interests, she believes providing them with the freedom to create, explore, and make a mess is the most significant benefit.


In three words, Christy Houser is a creator, runner, and mother.

Through Creating with the Girls, she invites you to join her on a journey of creativity, family, and the comforting embrace of a well-loved quilt.