Quilting Classes

Discover the Art of Quilting
with Christy Houser

Embrace your creativity and join us on this beautiful quilting journey.
Let's create together with the girls!

If you've ever been intrigued by the intricate beauty of quilts and dreamed of creating your own, you're in the right place.

Hello, I'm Christy, the heart and hands behind Creating with the Girls. With over 20 years of quilting experience, I am thrilled to share my love for this beautiful craft. Apart from being an accomplished quilter, I am also an avid runner and a mom to three wonderful, active girls.

My days are a vibrant mix of threading needles, sketching designs, choosing fabrics with my girls, and running to soccer practices.

Through our private classes, I invite you into my quilting world, where creativity meets technique, and every stitch tells a story. It doesn't matter whether you're a complete beginner or a seasoned hobbyist looking to refine your skills – our classes are tailored to meet your needs and foster your creative growth.

With patience, warmth, and one-on-one attention, I'll guide you through the quilting process, from choosing the suitable fabric and pattern to executing the final stitches. We'll create quilts, lasting memories, and an enduring passion for this timeless craft.



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